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the owl and the olive tree

books, food, writing, and more

11 November 1982
There's not that much to say, really. I hate bios! I am a shy creatures and therefore my journal is mostly friends-only.
ancient history, anthropology, archetypes, badgers, baking, barn owls, beliefs, books, brian froud, c.s. lewis, capitularies, carolingians, cats, celtic, charlemagne, chaucer, china mieville, chocolate, concultures, conlangs, constructed cultures, constructed languages, cooking, craft of writing, crossword puzzles, cultural history, cultural oddities, daily life, debunking, diana wynne jones, emma bull, english literature, evolutionary biology, fairy tales, fantasy, fantasy writing, feminism, feminist science fiction, fiction, folklore, food, friends, george orwell, german history, harry potter, herbal lore, herbs, historical law codes, history, history of everyday things, holy roman empire, imagined cosmologies, j.k. rowling, jane austen, jane yolen, jo walton, joie de vivre, language, language and culture, learning, legends, lemony snicket, linguistics, literature, logic, logic puzzles, lois mcmaster bujold, lord dunsany, lost country life, mabinogion, magic, magpies, manorial system, marie de france, material culture, material history, medieval history, medieval literature, merovingians, metaphor, musicals, mythologies, mythology, mythopoesis, myths, nanowrimo, nature, neil gaiman, neologisms, novels, owls, p g wodehouse, pamela dean, patricia wrede, peter s. beagle, philip pullman, poetry, pre-raphaelites, programming, rasfc, ravens, reading, rec.arts.sf.composition, regency history, regency literature, repartee, robert graves, robin mckinley, romance novels, science fiction, science fiction writing, seasons, seigneurial system, series of unfortunate events, sf, shakespeare, sherwood smith, skeptics, snarking, social history, sociolinguistics, speculative fiction, sun moon and stars, tamora pierce, terry pratchett, tortall, travel, trees, ursula k. le guin, victorian history, victorian literature, victorian novels, virginia woolf, william butler yeats, word play, worldbuilding, writing