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sirens 2009
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Sirens programming reminder
Since I know a lot of my flist attends Sirens, presents programming at Sirens, or just plain loves Sirens--

Remember that the Sirens programming submission deadline is May 10 this year, which is coming up. (My goodness, 2013 seems to be passing in a blur....) And since all programming at Sirens is attendee-driven, if you're thinking, "I'd love to see X at Sirens!", now is your chance to either propose it yourself or bug your friends to do so. ;)

We always end up with fabulous programming, so I'm looking forward to seeing what y'all come up with!

(I know I haven't posted in donkeys' years. I'd like to promise that I'll post more soon, but we all know how those promises go. But I miss you all! That much I can say with truth.)

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It is tempting to offer to lead an origami workshop (I even have a model or two in mind) but I still don't know if I'm attending this year.

(Er, folding a model is "retelling" it -- yeah, that's the connection. Totally.)


I would totally attend an origami workshop. That sounds fantastic.

(Obligatory Not Speaking for the Board (tm) )

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